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I went to Build-a-Bear Workshop with a friend today in honor of her birthday and immediately became entranced by the Tan Swirl Bunny. It seemed so irresistible with its uber-soft (I know, lame) fur and long, floppy ears. Plus, it was $2 cheaper than the other bunny they offered, whose eyes I couldn't even see due to all of its fur. Before my friend and her other guest had picked out their animals, I had made my decision.

Her name is Migu (I decided to leave out the hyphen), after the indie J-rock band spearheaded by Yuko Araki. She's 16 inches tall, weighs 9 ounces, and has brown swirled fur and brown eyes. And yes, she likes to play the drums. =)

After completing the heart ceremony and stuffing, we chose clothes. Since BABW has yet to put out lolita fashions, I decided on a set comprised of a light-green top edged with lace and a pair of coordinating bermudas (and even checked Limited Too for the matching outfit for me, but to no avail). Finally, I found a pair of hibiscus ear-bands which seemed at first to go perfectly, but I realize now that perhaps Migu could have gone without them.

As I attempt to situate her on my shelf, it comes to me that I might have pumped in a slight bit too much stuffing, as she is unable to sit unless she is propped up against something. Also, it appears the sole of her left foot was sewn on in such a way that causes that foot to turn slightly sideways. Nonetheless, Migu is a wonderful bunny whom I hope to enjoy for a long time.

Photos coming as soon as I receive my digital camera. ^^
I had no idea something like this even existed.

Screengrabs, meet your maker.
I'm highly considering making this journal friends-only.

There's just too much going on in my life to to keep posting positive or interesting things all the time. Sometimes I just need a place to vent, to let my feelings out.

Already I've gotten upset in class twice today and needed to go to the office both times. I found out that I'm not going to be exempt from all of my exams this year, which is probably due to the time management problem I seem to have developed this year.

Changes are coming soon.
Sorry, long time no post! My classmates and I just got back from seeing a theatrical production of several stories we've read in English class. For the most part, it was quite enjoyable. ^^

How will you celebrate the Christmas season this year? I plan to start by decorating the house on Friday, going to a party on Saturday, and singing in a community chorus production on Sunday. I'm continuing to work on my holiday wish list and would like to be able to grant some other people's wishes as well (either in journals, as pikachuashnat is doing, or in holiday_wishes).

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Snagged from pikachuashnat, who snagged it from aquanite. Fun! =D

Use Google image search, search for following things and post one picture you find on the first page:

1. The age you will be on your next birthday
2. A place you'd like to travel
3. Your favorite place
4. Your favorite object
5. Your favorite food
6. Your favorite animal
7. Your favorite color
8. The town/city in which you live
9. The name of a past pet
10. The first name of a past love
11. Your nickname/screen name
12. Your first name
13. Your middle name
14. Your last name
15. A bad habit of yours
16. Your first job
17. Your grandmother’s name
18. Your major in college

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Tell us your current favorite: book, movie, CD, video game.

Book: The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy
Movie: N/A (I've never been much of a movie person =p)
CD: (What's the Story) Morning Glory? - Oasis
Video Game: Pokemon Pearl
I'm not sure why I haven't felt like posting for the past three weeks. Most of my time here has been spent in communities and such, so I haven't been completely dormant. Otherwise, I've been busy with schoolwork and doings at home.

My science project isn't coming along so well. It took all of Monday's study hall for my teacher and me to set up, and we weren't able to clearly see any organisms until yesterday. I was, however, able to carry out the light and temperature tests at the same time by placing a heat lamp over the microscope, and I observed that the light was causing some of the protists to reproduce by dividing. Other than that, my chance of completing the procedure by next Friday looks considerably bleak. I still don't know exactly how I'll carry out the touch and sound tests. =/

- Pika
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As trifling as these things may seem, I really think they can say quite a lot if you answer truthfully. =)
Our trip to Gulf Shores was so much fun! -^^- I had the opportunity to play on the beach, shop, try some great seafood, work on Perler bead projects, and get some much-needed relaxation. The weather could easily be called perfect - refreshing fall breezes during the day and water still warm from summer. Highlights of the trip included the following:

- Discovering quite a large shell washed up on the shore. It's about 6 1/2 inches across at its widest point and completely intact save for a small rupture along the bottom.

- Observing a school of small, nearly transparent fish while wading along the shore. It was interesting to see them all dart in one direction at even the slightest disturbance.

- Building a sand sculpture of Toodee, the blue cat-dragon of Yo Gabba Gabba fame. (Photo to be uploaded soon, most likely into my YGG community.)

We ate at two restaurants we had never tried before and visited an outlet mall and at least three souvenir shops. All in all, it was an excellent time and I'm looking forward to our return in the spring. =)