Katheh's journal is now friends-only.
(thanks to pichus_paradise for the banner)

Anyone is welcome to friend me, but I'll probably be most willing to add people who share at at least three interests or two communities with me. If I know you in real-life, I'll definitely add you. ^^

Just a few things you should probably be aware of before you friend me:

  • I tend to become emotional very often, and I choose to use my journal as a place to vent about the problems in my everyday life.

  • At times, I have difficulty letting my thoughts flow while I'm at the computer, so my posts occasionally come out in ways other that how I intended them to sound.

  • I feel very strongly about the Pokemon/Pocket Monsters phenomenon and believe it is a wonderful thing for anyone to be involved in.

  • I prefer conversing with people who are literate, though I don't have anything against the occasional use of chatspeak.