My sincerest apologies for not posting earlier. Please don't think I've deserted LJ or anything of the sort. Lots of things have happened recently, and there just hasn't been time to update.

Bleh. Where to start...

About four weeks ago, I switched schools. My parents and I decided it would be the best choice for a number of reasons. In the past, drives to and from school lasted 45 minutes each on average. Time, money, and gas were constantly being consumed. If I actually made any friends, they would live nearly an hour away.

I wasn't happy at my previous school. Though I had been there since the second grade, I had never fully conformed to the atmosphere. Nearly everything took on an emphasis to be "big" and "loud". Those who really know me know I work best in a smaller, quieter environment.

After being one of the highest in my grade for years, I had recently hit a stumbling block in one particular class. Many days, I cried or made outbursts in class.

I believe that this change is definitely for the better. The new school is much better tailored to my needs. Though I had thought it extremely difficult at first, I've begun to socialize a bit and have warmed up to a few of the girls.

Homecoming is tomorrow. I'll be wearing the school colours - something I hardly ever did in the past. I suppose it is mostly out of gratefulness for the change.

Right now, I feel sick at myself for using what I consider very short, poorly-constructed sentences. I've always felt that I couldn't compose my thoughts as well when at the computer.

Off to bed, I suppose. Tomorrow's another day.